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Should guys wear flip flops?

I%26#039;m a guy and I just got a pair of flip flops, I don%26#039;t know if I should wear them out in public. Should I wear them with shorts only or is it okay to wear them with jeans. Is it okay for guys to wear flip flops in public?

Should guys wear flip flops?
sure i know lots of guys that wear flip flops with jeans and or shorts... go for it!
Reply:I absolutly dissagree with guys wearing flpi flop. I desperately hate feet. Expecially guys feet. I hate when I see feet or when people look at mine. Feet just make me really uncomfortable! Report It

Reply:Of course its ok for guys to wear flip flops, there is nothing wrong with that, it dont matter if your wearing shorts or jeans! who ever told you that is wrong!
Reply:Definitely! It%26#039;s so laid back and casual. I love to see a man wearing flip flop with a battered pair of jeans, a T-shirt and shades. It looks very chic. Just make sure you have nice feet!
Reply:I don%26#039;t mind a man in flip flops, as long as his toe nails are trimmed.
Reply:crocs all the way so long as you watch them on escalators
Reply:It depends on what type of flip flops, i believe the ones with the thongs are for woman and gay men only... i hate when guys wear thong flip flops. The ones that have the strap on the front like addais or timblerland flip flops i believe are fine and you can wear them either way
Reply:Go for it, as long as your feet are well-maintained. Flip-flops with jeans are okay, but not with pants. And never, ever wear them in cold weather. Once fall hits, the flip-flops must go away.
Reply:no. men should never wear flip-flops. it%26#039;s tacky and looks terrible. awful awful awful.
Reply:Flip flops are always good!
Reply:theres no reason you cant.

you can wear then with jeans or shorts, but if you wear them with jeans, make sure they are fashionable jeans, and the right length
Reply:Of course! As long as they arent womens
Reply:I honestly dont think ANYONE should wear flip flops anymore! I have worn them for years, love them and think they are cute, but this summer I developed plantar facitis on my right foot from wearing them. You need supportive shoes and flip flops dont offer any support. Its been 8 weeks and I am still in a great deal of pain! : (
Reply:I see tons of guys that where flipflops in the summer time. They go great with jeans.. don%26#039;t know about pants though
Reply:I wear flip flops all the time. It%26#039;s perfectly cool. Go for it!
Reply:I don%26#039;t think guys should because most don%26#039;t take care of their feet, so if you%26#039;re going to wear them at least have nice looking feet!
Reply:Depending on the flip flops you can wear them with jeans or shorts. If they are a somber color like brown, you can pair them with anything but if they are kind of wacky, like bright green, you should probably stick with wearing shorts.
Reply:Yes, flip-flops are totally okay for guys. You can wear them with shorts or jeans, anytime you want to look casual.
Reply:yeah sure. I think flip flops on a man looks good. of course depending on what your wearing it with and the look your going for. Like HOLLISTER or AMBERCROMBIE
Reply:wear flops with shorts or pants. and yes guys can wear them
Reply:Flip Flops with pants = BAD

Flip Flops with shorts = Good
Reply:1.Don%26#039;t listen to %26quot;Ravin%26quot; crocs are the most disgusting shoe in the world.

And yes you should. Guys wear flip flops all the time. You can wear them with jeans and shorts. They look great with both!
Reply:why not? of course it%26#039;s ok to wear flip flops as a guy

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Opinions on these flip flops?

Hey, what do you guys think of these flip flops?


I%26#039;m an 18 year old guy, pale skin, blond hair and I dress very casually.

(Don%26#039;t tell me not to wear flip flops, my feet are gorgeous)

Opinions on these flip flops?
They%26#039;ll look great on you!

Get them!!
Reply:They are kinda plain...
Reply:they%26#039;re cool.and look comfortable!
Reply:I could picture your gorgeous feet in them.
Reply:they are nice, but you should try rainbows.

they are the most comfortable things in the world.

and they look good on girls and guys

Reply:Don%26#039;t sweat it yo, those are really good... especially since you have such gorgeous feet haha.
Reply:Okay. It%26#039;s not standing out very well.
Reply:Quiksilver is a nice brand. I think it%26#039;ll look good on your feet (please don%26#039;t say %26quot;gorgeous,%26quot; unless of course you%26#039;re not straight, hehe)
Reply:thay look nice i would were them
Reply:Mmm...I like them, but they%26#039;re a little plain.
Reply:You sound sooo hot.

Those flip flops look nice on you.

Just don%26#039;t say your feet are gorgeous.

Thats kinda...gay.
Reply:i think theyre hott
Reply:i love guys that wear flip flops. i think you should get those ones, they look good. if ur looking for more, check out rainbows, they are like the most comfortable shoes in the world.
Reply:I personally love them for your type of guy. I wouldn%26#039;t suggest them for a girl, but for a guy it%26#039;s great.I would try and look on ebay for them cheaper. I%26#039;d get them.


Anyone with floatie flip flops?

I wear an 8 1/2 in my tennis shoes but my flip flops from old navy r size 8. i%26#039;m wanting to know how big size 7 floatie flip flops (sugar shoes) are because i%26#039;m watching an auction on ebay and they%26#039;re size 7. i don%26#039;t know if they would fit me. if anyone has that size or knows how big it is, could u measure from the front to back and tell me how big it is? Thanks!

Anyone with floatie flip flops?
Floaties usually run big (and very wide.) Get the sevens!
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Happy Shopping!


Reply:I wear a size 6 in shoes and my floaties are size 7.......they are very comfortable but wear and tear fast.


Wearing my girlfriends flip flops??

she wears a 9 in womens and iam like a ten in mens

i thought that girls sizes were like 1 and 1/2 sizes smaller but i tried on her flip flops 2day and they fit perfect lol

wat would you think if your game had 2 run outside real quick and he used your flip flops

wat if he used your bright pink ones lol

Wearing my girlfriends flip flops??

I hate it when my bf makes fun of my big feet

and i%26#039;m a size 9 in women too!!!

not that you made fun of her feet..

but my bf tried on my PINK FLIP FLOPS one and they fit perfectly. I demanded him to take them off immediately, cuz i felt so manly and big. LOL

and i fit perfectly in his rainbows.

but NEVER wear your gf%26#039;s shoes. it makes her feel manly!

p.s. women%26#039;s size 9 = men%26#039;s 7.5
Reply:That%26#039;s weird. I wear an 8 1/2 or 9 women%26#039;s and a 6 or 6 1/2 men%26#039;s, depending on the brand/style.

Meh... I used to grab my dad%26#039;s flip flops to run outside if mine weren%26#039;t around, so I don%26#039;t see what the big deal is.
Reply:i would think it was funny lol
Reply:i would not care
Reply:My son does go outside with his wife%26#039;s pink flip flops. lol


Best brand of flip flops under $15?

All I know is that hollister/gilly hicks flip flops cost $15.50, and old navy ones cost $2.50. That makes me wonder on the exact quality of each one. Some have said hollister flip flops have faded patterns, while old navys ones are either %26quot;stone hard%26quot; or %26quot;really really soft!%26quot; Can someone give me their complete honest opnion or name other good brands? THANKS

Best brand of flip flops under $15?
old navy
Reply:The ones from Old Navy are really comfy, even the rubbery ones that are $3.50! Here are links to cheap ones from Old Navy:



and links to the Hollister flip flops:



I hope that helped!

Reply:I love Target flip-flops. They are only about $5 and they are super soft and come in many cool colors! I suggest the Speedo ones.
Reply:old navy flip flops are good
Reply:Old Navy%26#039;s usually hurt terribly! I would just get the Hollister ones.
Reply:Hollister or A%26amp;E
Reply:in reality, basically all flip fops are either foam (old navy) or rubber (hollister, a%26amp;f havaianas, etc). I wear old navy and havaianas, all flip flops are the same to me, I would rather have 23589735 pairs of cheap ones then 1 pair of fancy ones.. i don%26#039;t need the ego trip of having a little moose or seagull emblem on my foot...
Reply:I like Victoria%26#039;s Secret flip-flops. I used to like Hollister%26#039;s, but they have changed a lot since a year and a half ago!
Reply:I don%26#039;t shop at Hollister.

The Old Navy one...I have one pair for the beach. It lasted a very very long time (3 years) and still is comfortable. But it just doesn%26#039;t fit anymore. Get the Old Navy pair.
Reply:i love my old navy flip flops :]]

my american eagle ones are really hard and i dont really wear them.

but i dont mind getting my old navy ones wet at the beach or something because they dry fast too.
Reply:the hollister ones are fine for me,comfortable and never fade.
Reply:Hollister flipflops are NOT worth the splurge. They are the exact same quality as Old Navy, and have an equal selection, but Old Navy ones are so much cheaper. I don%26#039;t really know of another good brand of rubber flipflops.
Reply:I%26#039;ve had an Old Navy pair back when I was a kid and they were comfortable! Only $3.50 (I still can%26#039;t believe it!). I think you%26#039;ll like Roxy. Their flip flops are so cute and comfortable and I actually owned a pair. If you want, you should check out Aeropostale and Pac Sun. I saw a few that I really liked. Or maybe you%26#039;ll like Victoria%26#039;s Secret PINK flip flops.
Reply:umm i really like the old navy ones because they dont rip and they are cute and cheap but love hollister ones
Reply:Roxy %26lt;3 %26lt;3 %26lt;3
Reply:Havaianas come in lots of colors and they%26#039;re really cute. They go for $14.95 I think.
Reply:I figure that flip-flops just get so dirty so quick, why not just buy the cheaper ones?

(I%26#039;ve had flip-flops from both Old Navy and Hollister, they were both pretty much the same. Hollister%26#039;s were just a bit thicker)
Reply:welll i think hollister is a better brand as in the quality becuz its owned by abecrombie and they have high quality clothes with the finest fabrics so in my opinion i think the hollster ones are better but i think the price should drop down to at least 10 bucks. i also have oldnavy ones and there fne too but dont wear the hollister ones out like on rocks and out to playy cuz yu might damage them and the oldnavy ones you should use for like the work stuff cuz there shoes are cheaper and if they break yu can get another one for cheap!!

acne scar

Which color flip flops shud i get?

hey im 13 and i bought this swimsuit cover IN BLACK:


the polo sign is IN GOLD. i wanna buy nice flip flops that will be trendy and pretty but comfy to walk in alot. what color will match it? I have a 20$ gift card to pac sun so pls put links of flip slops 20$ and under...thanks!

Which color flip flops shud i get?
gold or brown flip flops would look cute



Reply:i would go for some white sandals

but since the sign is in gold id get some cute sandals in gold
Reply:pretty easy: pick up the nice golden detail by wearing golden flip flops! add golden eye shadow (waterproof so that it still looks fresh and hot when you come out of the water) I bet you will be the hottest girl out there!
Reply:get the black reefs. i love reef sandals they%26#039;re really functional and cute, and $25 is really cheap for them. they are so comfortable! rainbows are also really cute but brown wouldn%26#039;t go with your coverup

Reply:I think these should work.

they%26#039;re from Pacsun and they%26#039;re 19.00$




these. just ask liek your mom for 4 extra dollars or something?

hope i helped!
Reply:1. http://shop.pacsun.com/webapp/wcs/stores...

theyre just black, but reefs are really comfortable and everyone wears them! plus theyll match with your cover up and any other outfit
Reply:Gold with a small heel would look cute :)
Reply:Ok, I know you said under 20 bucks... but these seem perfect and they%26#039;re only 24:


you should go with either gold or black shoes. It%26#039;s ok if the sole of the shoes is brown or a different color since you%26#039;ll be standing on that part but you most deffinitly need black or gold flip flops!

I hope that helps!
Reply:check out this link


they have some really cute black flip flops!!

hope that helps!!


or if not from pacsun

these in biege:http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do...
Reply:brown flip flops.

they go with everything.
Reply:That is so cute! Anywayz... you could get flip flops in these colours:

pink (hot)






Really anything... tons of stuff go with black. But make sure that the flip flops that you buy will match other clothes of yours! Oh, and , You should get flip flops with a heel. It will make you look taller and more feminine. Like these:


or these would look adorable and they are only 12 bucks!


hope i helped!

luv ya!

Reply:Most any color flip flops would look good with it.

I think these would look cute:


Hot pink and 12.50


Light Blue and 12.50


Lime Green 12.00


White and Black 12.00

i like these!!

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Does anyone decorate flip flops?

I am kind of crafty and wanted to embellish some flip flops with flowers or fabric/foam cutouts. Has anyone decorated flip flops before? What is the best type of glue to use that gets good wear? Any info appreciated.

Does anyone decorate flip flops?
I%26#039;ve only used yarn, like crochet, and haven%26#039;t used glue. I think it sounds like lots of fun, however.

I think hot glue would be the best.
Reply:hot glue is my best friend (even though I have been sent to the ER b/c of it), it works and holds even the biggest stuff like flowers.

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